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About Us

The YSE Cookery School has a long history with cooking and teaching. The emphasis has always been on real food, cooked from scratch and using real ingredients... no shortcuts! 

Although only officially formed under today's name in 2016, head teacher Murray Slinn has over twenty years experience in the catering arena.

New Zealand born and raised, he started his cooking career at the age of 17 and quickly moved to his first head chef position in Christchurch just before his 20th birthday.

In 2002, as the playground in New Zealand became too small, he made the move to Europe where his career progressed through a range of different roles within the hospitality industry. 

From 2006-2011 he worked at the reputable Cookery at the Grange cookery school in Frome, UK, both as the head tutor for the school and setting up a new restaurant on site. 

Following the Grange, he spent several years freelancing in many sectors of the industry, covering everything from small private cruise lines and private yachts to boutique hotels, private villas and chalets, catering for super models, Hollywood actors and celebrity chefs. 

In 2016 he took on the role as head chef for YSE Ski's pre-winterseason cookery course and currently, along with running the companies 45 bed hotel, he assures the quality of all meals across the companies 19 fully catered chalets. 

2016 also marks the year of the first YSE Cookery School live course in Val d'Isère, taking students from very basic cooking skills to a level that has allowed them to start a career in the industry. With only a short 2 month summer season to run the courses, he decided in 2018 to turn his efforts towards an online version of the school to make the courses more accessible to anyone wishing to learn to cook, and in May 2020 these courses were launched.