This course has EXTREMELY LIMITED PLACES as we only run a handful each year. We only accept one student per course (or two who know each other).

This course is designed to give you a solid foundation of cookery and accelerate your journey to becoming a professional chef.  

Your residential course will be based on our online version of the course and we will be using the same recipe demonstration videos etc but there are a few big differences.

1 - You will be staying with us in Val d'Isère, France. The course runs over 2 x 5 day weeks with a weekend in the middle to relax. You are welcome to arrive and leave at any point during the weekend before and after the course. 

2 - The daily introduction to each module, training and the feedback from the previous night will be an in person session each morning with Murray. You will work through the daily tasks at your own pace as you would in your own kitchen. 

3 - We will arrange 8 guests each evening to join us in the dining room and you will cook for them as if it was a real life situation. Murray will be on hand for guidance as required and to serve the guests.

4 - The shopping will be taken care of for you. 

5 - Your cookbook will be waiting for you when you arrive.

6 -  You will receive a written reference to accompany the course certificate following the successful completion of the course.

The ratio is roughly 20% theory and 80% practical.  

The initial introduction module will take around one and a half hours to complete. We strongly recommend you work through this and the following module, The Reoccurring Principles of Cookery (RPC), before you arrive in Val d'Isère so we can jump straight into the cooking. 

Each module, for a student working at a reasonable pace, is designed to be completed in a single day. It is a busy day and we will be starting at 8am with a light breakfast and a theory session where we will discuss the previous night's dinner, prepare for the day ahead and watch the recipe clips. 

The mornings are then busy with preparation. We will stop for a break with lunch and then back to finishing off the preparations and finally serving dinner. 

We will have all of the required ingredients in the kitchen ready for you to use.

You have 6 months access to this course player and obviously, the recipe collection book, including links to the recipe videos, is yours to keep.  

How much does it cost?