What does 60 dishes look like?

  • Isn't it expensive when there is so much free cooking content online?

    Unlike the limitless amount of free cookery demonstration content available on sites like Facebook and YouTube, our Foundation Course is a serious alternative to attending a live cookery course.

    It is for those who are serious about learning to cook but either haven't the time to take from their work or family, live in a location that isn't accessible to physical cookery schools or can't afford to pay double and upwards to attend a live cookery course.

    The course is 10 busy days of cooking, follows the same layout as you would expect on a live course and offers similar tutor support. In addition, you will be able to watch condensed demonstrations from a better viewpoint than a seat at the back of the class, and play them over and over again.

    Our course content draws on many years experience teaching cooking, it retains the majority of the best aspects of attending a cookery course and in many cases offers improved aspects and learning tools.

  • How long will the Foundation Course take? Is there a time limit on the course?

    Once you have purchased a course there are a few things to organise in the time between purchasing the course and starting with the practical modules.

    It's important to work through the introduction module as soon as possible. It takes around an hour and a half.
    After that, there is around 3 hours of theory clips to watch which will take some pressure off of the cooking days.
    This is not essential as we will reference this information during the course but we highly recommend it.

    During this time, you will also need to make sure you have the food supplies and any extra equipment required.

    Once that is organised there are 10 modules. You should set aside a whole day per module and expect to have a break at some point in the afternoon. If you want to do the course as a block, we recommend that you do 2 or 3 days cooking then take a day to reflect and shop before moving forward with the next 2 or 3 days.
    You may decide to tackle 1 or 2 modules per week taking up to 10 weeks.

    There is a 120 day limit to access to the course player but all of the recipes and QR codes for the video demonstrations etc are contained in the cookbook that you will have to keep.

  • Is the Foundation Course suitable for Vegetarians?

    It completely depends on what kind of vegetarian you are.
    This is a foundation course, and teaches a wide range of skills and methods of cookery which extend far beyond the scope of vegetarian cookery.

    If you are keen to learn techniques such as filleting a fish, jointing a chicken and dealing with different cuts of meat then it will be suitable. There is no obligation for you to eat everything you cook and you will learn a lot of skills that relate to vegetarian cooking as well.

    However, the course menu prioritises covering as many foundation principles of cookery, over the actual menu itself, so if you are a strict vegetarian who is planning to use the skills for home cooking this isn't the course for you.

  • YSE is a ski holiday company, is the course geared towards learning to cook ski chalet style food?

    This course is geared around learning to cook, in whichever capacity you need it to relate to.

    The course is quite intensive and can be tiring at times but the cooking skills we cover will set you up to start working in the food industry in any sector that you are aiming for.

    This course covers a wide range of topics relating to food and cooking, we won't teach you how to fold a napkin, greet guests or make swans out of towels but we will start you on your journey to becoming a bloody good cook, cutting years off earning your stripes in a restaurant.
    Equally, if your intention isn't to work as a cook, this course will transform your home cooking tenfold.

  • Do I get a certificate?

    After completing the course, including viewing the majority of the theory content, you will be issued with a certificate confirming you have completed the course.

  • Will I need to invest in a lot of extra equipment?

    Most people return home from a cookery course and have a list of things they want to buy having attended the course.

    Our introduction module lists everything you might like to get your hands on, there's also a video that goes through equipment in detail before the course starts so that you can beg, borrow, steal or buy anything your kitchen might be missing before you start the cooking.

    While expensive equipment is often nice to have, in most cases there is a work around and if you don't want to spend lots of money on kitchen equipment, you don't need to as we will always highlight the alternative.

  • Can I purchase a gift certificate?

    Yes, you can.

    The easiest way is to set up an account and purchase the course in the person's name (start by using your own email address!)

    Then send us an email letting us know the details of the occasion. We will email you a gift certificate to print out as well as a short, personalised MP4 clip to play to the person.